Aidan Duffy
Smoking Imitation, 2023
Courtesy of the Artist and South Parade
South Parade, London


Haena Yoo
Immortelle Divine, 2023
Image courtesy of Bibeau Krueger and the artist
Bibeau Krueger, New York City

Aysha E Arar
I didn’t invite you to come, but you are here, entering my castle without permission, I did not hear you knocking the door but hearing your heart beat was so clear. Welcome to my castle but be careful. Do you think you are brave enough to fight this battle of love?, 2023
Courtesy of the artist and the gallery
sans titre, Paris


Oroma Elewa 
You are not as generous as you think, 2022
Photo © Aurélien Mole. Courtesy de l’artiste & galerie In Situ – fabienne leclerc, Grand Paris
In Situ – fabienne leclerc, Romainville


Anastasia Sosunova
Turn our golden faces into the sun, 2022
Courtesy of the artist and the gallery
eastcontemporary, Milan



Story of eggs (bird gallery for birds), 2023
Courtesy of the artist and Good Weather, North Little Rock/Chicago
Good Weather, Chicago, North Little Rock, Little Rock



Nils Alix-Tabeling
Night Butterfly, 2023
Courtesy the artist and Public Gallery, London
Public Gallery, London


Gaby Sahhar 
The Mirrored Room, 2023
Photo © Aurélien Mole. Courtesy of the artist and the gallery
Spiaggia Libera, Paris


Xolo Cuintle 
Vue du stand de la galerie à ART-O-RAMA
Courtesy of the artist and the gallery